Hello to all the **Stretchmen **around the globe! You came to this side of the website to find out how to get whitelist.
So I’m going to outline how to obtain the role.
Disclaimer: This does not guarantee you a spot in the whitelist, but it increases your chances. We will be hand picking people to give whitelist spots to.

1. We will give away whitelist spots to other projects we partner/collaborate with
2. We will partner with other creators and give away whitelist spots

Contribute to the community
1. Be active and helpful within the community
2. Contribute in and other content production related channels

1. We will open the channel. Members will be able to nominate other community members.
2. If someone in the Discord helps you, please put them in the discord and provide a brief detail on how they helped you and why you believe they deserve a whitelist spot.

1. We will be giving away whitelist spots on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure to follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stretchmen_io and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stretchmen.io/. We’ll be running whitelist giveaways on both.
2. We will be hosting events (games, quizzes, trivias, etc.)

Boosting project visibility
1. Posting about Stretchmen NFT on social media
2. Interacting with our posts on social media. This includes liking, commenting and retweeting our tweets, and interacting with our community
3. Representing Stretchmen NFT as your profile picture or adding “| Stretchmen” to your name. ( SM | xxxxx works aswell)

Whitelist only gives you access to a presale, this does not mean you can get an NFT for free.

You, the community will be able to decide what to add/change in terms of whitelist requirements. If you have any suggestions, please put them in the suggestions channel in discord. we are giving the community a voice and talking over each and every suggestion!

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