Jace Cunnane


The vision and overseer of the project. PR & Marketing Specialist. Founder of a 3,000,000 Instagram follower network. Has been helping run Celebrity sweepstakes giveaways.One fun fact: I started my instagram journey in 2015 selling madden mobile coins.

Alex Mamutin


NFT & Metaverse consultant, marketing & PR specialist. Creating experiences and helping companies transition from the real world towards life in web3.0. E-commerce and branding specialist with 20 years of experience in online sales totaling over 9 figures in gross sales. Have done PR and Marketing for some of the top players and projects in the space over the last 2 years.

One Fun Fact: Attended one of New York’s premier gifted and talented schools as a kid for an art talent major, now I’m finally able to earn money using artistic and creative side due to the amazing NFT industry.



The tech specialist and community manager of the project. Previously ran the second largest Garry’s Mod Military RP server in the world. Have also worked at a local web development company, designing websites and coding bespoke web applications using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Have also set up a multiple successful underground techno music events in 2021. 21 years old, Currently studying at a university in London
One Fun Fact – I reached Global Elite (top 0.7%) rank in CSGO at 15 years old.

kymani minott


hey im a full stack web developer located in Florida I’ve been a developer
for 5 years and also owner of marketing agency Centric Media

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